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Middlefield Volunteer Fire Company

With the many changes in our world the past several months, the Middlefield Volunteer Fire Company has been no different.  We have adjusted many of our protocols to those recommended by the CDC, our medical over sight, Middlesex Hospital and our Health Director.  We have changed our medical responses and number of responders to limit any possible exposure and transmission of the virus from one to another. When we respond you will see us in full personal protective equipment including a face mask, eye protection and usually a protective gown. 

Since Mid-March the Firehouse has essentially been closed to everyone except for those on emergency responses. While we usually welcome all visitors, we cannot due to the possibility of a virus spread.  Our members conduct a personal health check each time they come in to respond.  Most of our training has been in the form of electronic Google Meets as so many of you are now familiar with.  With the recent easing of restrictions, we expect to resume some outside training.

All of our social events have or will be cancelled for this year.  Events such as marching in the Memorial Day parade to salute those who have served and our send off to our graduating high school seniors were also cancelled.  We did miss everyone at our Easter Flower sale, Pancake Breakfast and golf tournament.   With the Durham Fair cancellation, we will also miss all that always supports our efforts.  While these fundraising events have postponed some of our plans and purchases that these events fund, we will continue to find ways to complete these projects.  Many have donated directly in place of these events and we appreciate all those contributions.

It has been a struggle for all of us in many different ways and trying to complying with every changing protocols.  The Fire Company will adapt, adjust and ultimately overcome this pandemic.  We urge all to continue to follow all guidance such as social distancing, the wearing of a mask in public and practicing good hygiene.  Please remember that we are still here if you need us for any emergency.  At some point in the future, this pandemic will be beaten.  Then we will once again be serving chowder and Kielbasa and the doors of the firehouse open to all. 

 Please stay safe and healthy.


For the Officers and Members of the Middlefield Volunteer Fire Company,


Peter Tyc




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